LED Magnetic Switch Instructions

  • Each LED piece turns on and off by a magnetic switch. 
  • The magnet attached to the chain at the bottom of the piece will turn on the LEDs just place the magnet on top of the small metal plate. 
  • To turn off the LEDs just remove the magnet.


Our Guarantee

  • Each Inspirational Creation is carefully & lovingly handcrafted in Australia. 
  • Our pieces are both durable and delicate, please use care when installing and removing the battery. 
  • We give a 6 month guarantee on all of our pieces for assembly issues due to our manufacturing fault. 
  • This guarantee does not cover damage caused by normal usage, improper usage, accidents or any attempts of repairs or modifications done by customers. 
  • If you are having issues, please contact us first to help you troubleshoot the issue or discuss repair or replacement options.